Connecticut College Swimming

Follow the links below to see photographs from the swim meets.

Note: The photos on the web have been reduced in size from the originals and have not been color or exposure corrected. If you want an image to print, let us know and we will correct the exposure / color, and e-mail it to you so you will get a good image to print. To request a file, send an e-mail to with the meet name and the picture ID number.

2007-2008 Season

Feb 24, 2008 NESCAC

Feb 23, 2008 NESCAC

Feb 22, 2008 NESCAC

Feb 9, 2008

Dec 1, 2007 Camel Invite

2006-2007 Season

Feb 18, 2007 NESCAC

Feb 16-17, 2007 NESCAC

Dec 2-3 , 2006 Camel Invite

2005-2006 Season

Nov 19, 2005 vs Tufts

Feb 17-20, 2006 NESCAC

2004-2005 Season

November 20, 2004 vs Tufts

December 4/5, 2004 Camel Invitational

Feb 18, 2005 NESCAC AM Session

Feb 18, 2005 NESCAC PM Session

Feb 19, 2005 NESCAC AM Session

Feb 19, 2005 NESCAC PM Session

Feb 20, 2005 NESCAC AM Session

Feb 20, 2005 NESCAC PM Session



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